Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Elf Mineral Shadow Haul

Clockwise from top: Angelic, Elegant, Innocent, Golden, Sweet

A couple of months ago I came across one of my all time favorite products: Elf Mineral Eye Shadow in Natural. It's a gorgeous shimmery peach color that is so flattering. As I was so happy with this product, I was excited to try some more colors from the range during their recent 60% off sale.

L-R: Angelic, Elegant, Innocent, Golden, Sweet

I ended up picking up about 10 colors, which I'll review in phases. (I'm sorry, I just can't handle all that typing right now - my legs are aching from a ridiculous work-out and yoga session, so it's all I can do to keep my fingers moving across the keyboard!). I'll start with the lighter shades:

is a very shimmery, cool, white. This is quite a strong, bright, white, with a lot of shimmer. One for a very light hand.

is a more golden peach toned shimmery color. It's lighter than peach though. This is pretty and wearable. I like it a lot.

is a matte sheer cream. This didn't swatch very well so I did not have high hopes for this color at all, along with my general lack of experience with mattes (is it just me, or are other people a lit bit intimidated by them?). Having said that, I did a look a couple of days ago using Innocent, and really loved it! It goes on nice and smoothly, and provides a gorgeous, matte, sophisticated wash of cream. Definitely worth trying out, especially if you haven't played around much with them.

is probably my favorite out of this batch of colors - it's a very simple, shimmery wash of golden. I think that it runs closer to amber rather than golden (more orange than yellow), but it's a beautiful rich color that looks pretty in both summer and fall.

is a cool, sheer, shimmery baby pink. This color was an experiment, and I'm not yet sure if I can pull it off. It is not very pigmented, but it is definitely pink. I feel like if you use this shade with Elegant it might work, but on it's own, it's too much shimmer, too much pink.

Elf Mineral Eye Shadows retail for $3, but ELF frequently run sales and coupon codes, so be sure to look out for a deal. Even if not every color is a winner, They come in small tubs with a shaker top to control how much product comes though. I do like the quality of these shadows - as a rule they last a long time, have decent pigmentation, and are easy to blend. They do have quite a lot of shimmer, so be warned if shimmer is not your thing.

Have you tried Elf Mineral Eye Shadows? Is there a shade you like I've missed out?


Kimberly said...

I'm impressed with the colors. Very nice. Did you get these from their website?

Steph said...

I love these mineral eyeshadows. They don't get used all the time from me just because they are extremely shimmery, but they are super pretty. I love Natural as well!

scarlettholly said...

Yes, these all came from their website. I agree, they are quite shimmery, so you have to be in the mood for them. I'm going to try and work Golden into a look this weekend.

Anonymous said...

DId you swatch them dry or did you use a liquid? I always apply my pigments/powder eyeshadows with a liquid mix (I use Lise Watier Metamorphosis, which is a Canadian Brand)

Abby Q. said...

I love these shadows! I got a bunch too recently and I love the way they wear and the colors are very pretty too!


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