Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Summer Lip Favorites Part 4

The final installment!!! And really, my absolute favorites - my glossy gold and corals. These colors lift up anyone's face and really make for the most perfect summer look.

From right to left: Liberated, Silly Girl, Gold Dust, Flurry of Fun Kumquat, Perennial High Style

1. Liberated came out in last summer's Style Warriors. It's a sheer yellow. It might look a little scary in the tube, but it acts more like a neutral on pigmented lips, providing a gorgeous, bright glow.

2. Silly Girl came as part of the Holiday 2009 sets. It's a classic bright coral with shimmer. It's quite sheer, so can either be worn alone or layered with other colors.

3. Gold Dust is from Spring Color Forecast. TRACK THIS COLOR DOWN!! Oh, I love it! It is a gorgeous rich gold, making my lips so golden and rich. Luscious.

4. Flurry of Fun is from To The Beach. It's a similar color to Silly Girl, but the glitter is much bigger, brighter, sparklier, and also a contrasting blue/purple in tone. A fun summer color. Not one for the board room.

5. Kumquat is a rich, pigmented bright coral gloss. It has some shimmer, but it's main feature is packing a coral punch. Bright and gorgeous.

6. Perennial High Style is really more pink than coral. It's an amazingly flattering shade, and so simple to wear. This is a simple, no fail look. It's a color that I never need to think about when I put it on - it just works, ya know?

So, there we have. 21 glosses and lipsticks later, my entire summer lips collection. I'm sure I left one of your favorites out! Hit me up in the comments and let me know what you think.

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Marie said...

Lots of lovely corals!:D
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