Monday, 5 July 2010

Summer Lip Favorites Part 3

I know - quite the saga, this whole summer lip favorites series! I hope you guys had an excellent July 4th weekend (I went to Cape Cod, and this is actually written before and post-dated). Anyway, onto the shiny shiny lip colors!!!

This post is actually all about my favorite lipsticks that evoke that hot, summer sun feeling.

From l-r we have Beachbound, Ever Hip, Fresh Salmon, Sandy B, and Victorian. All MAC

As you can see, I'm a major sucker for the recent limited edition lipsticks!!!

  1. Beachbound Glaze came out in the recent MAC To The Beach collection. It's an incredibly sheer, shimmery gold-bronze-melon color. It adds a touch of golden shimmer to your lips without much color. It's an effect that needs some getting used to, and is not super over the top. 
  2. Ever Hip is a fabulous pink-coral that came out in the Liberty of London collection. Amazing on it's own, but so not overwhelming you can't wear other make up as well. 
  3. Fresh Salmon came out with Spring Color Forecast. It's pretty similar to Ever Hip, I must admit. A sweet, pinky coral that brightens up your face no end!
  4. Sandy B - the only permanent color I've included here. It's a shimmer, sheer, bronze that is easy to wear to the beach or cocktails. I don't think that this color gets enough love, to be honest. 
  5. Victorian - maybe my favorite color that MAC has brought out this year! It's pink, with gold shimmer and orange undertones, giving an almost duochrome effect. The epitome of fun and flirty. Delicious. 
Any pinks I've missed? 

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