Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Sweet Pop of Color Technique For Summer

I was over looking at the awesome Karen at Make Up and Beauty Blog. She recently posted about what the hell to do with the Tokidoki Liner in Pink . She swiped a thick line on her eyelid, and then a super thin line in black liquid liner. It's an awesome technique that gives a pop of color without being scary or overwhelming. I decided to try this out myself. I don't have a Tokidoki liner myself, but used the age old technique of a fine liner, some water, and bright eyeshadow. For my Black liquid liner, I used Elf's liquid liner. I got this free with an order once, but it's only a buck, and I am constantly surprised by how good it is.

For the first eye, I used MAC's Da Bling. This looks awesome - I love the sweet pinkness, and it contrasts nicely against the black liner. To get the liner this thin. I actually line the eyelashes, just allowing the tip of the liner to go against the lid. I used Elf's Eyelid Primer which I got in the same freebie pack as the liner, and again is a nice surprise. Elf is such a random brand - so much is utterly terrible, but there are a few hidden gems in there.

For the second eye, I used MAC's Humid. This is a permanent shade and is also part of the upcoming To The Beach collection. I really wish I used this shadow more often, as it's a beautiful, rich green that would make my green eyes pop if I ever remembered to use it! However, the shade here was too dark and didn't contrast enough with either the black, or provide the pop of color that I was looking for.

I love this technique! It's also so clean, quick, and easy. My next experiment with either be with a bright purple or sky blue. Have you tried this look before? Any other color suggestions?

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Marie said...

Subtle and wearable.:D

Happy Wednesday!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!


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