Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Elf Brow Kit

One of the products I picked up a whole ago as part of my second Elf haul was the Eyebrow Kit. If you follow the Elf logic that each of their products is a budget version of a high-end product, then this would most likely be compared to Benefit’s Brow-Zings kit. Disclaimer right now – I’ve never used the BrowZings compact, so have no grounds to compare to.
The packaging is perfectly acceptable – a matte black plastic case housing a small palette of powder and one of dark wax. Nothing to get excited about, and nothing to complain about either. I do have a complaint about the brush. It is double ended for the powder and wax, and is the most ridiculous rinky-dink thing ever. I could barely even hold it, never mind control it while using it on my eyebrows. Completely useless, really.

Nekkid brows - actually, whole nekkid eye!

waxed and powdered - the rest is still nekkid so no laughing!

I chose medium out of the three shades available. I have reasonably dark brows, and have natural mid-brown hair. However, I found that if I wore either the wax or the powder, I got a nice color, but if I used the powder to set the wax, the color came out too dark, and my brows started to overtake my whole face. Not a good look. One or the other was all good though. The wax provided a more defined finish, and the powder a softer look. I’m thinking that maybe I got the wrong color, but if I did, there is not much hope for the natural blondes out there with this product. However, if you do have dark brows, then I would definitely check this out. Plus, there's a lot of product here - I'm guessing at least a year, if not more, of product. Aside from the brush, this is a decent product, and for $3, you can't really go wrong. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi, love your site! I really enjoyed your post on Karen's blog, and will start reading yours regularly now.

PoorCollegeStudent said...

great review! i love elf!


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