Monday, 4 October 2010

MAC Villainous Villains Review

Wow!! The launch of the year has finally arrived! Yes, the much anticipated Disney MAC collaboration has finally landed. After having skipped the last couple of MAC launches, I was most excited to actually take part in some much desired hauling.

The collection is based on 4 classic Disney villains: Cruella (101 Dalmations, Evil Queen (Snow White), Maleficiant (Sleeping Beauty), and the most recent, Dr Facilier (The Princess and the Frog). I didn't haul based on any particular character, but it turns out I ended up with a lot of Cruella. Better not tell my pup, huh?

Okay, what did I end up and what do I want?

Let me start with the blushes and beauty powders.

 Darkly My Dear is a matte dirty brown-y plum. When I first saw the color, it really reminded me of Prim and Proper from MAC's Liberty collection that came out in March. It's a matte color which is very pigmented, and is quite warm. I found that I had to use a very light hand with it. I have to admit, I do not love this color - it feels too strong for my skintone, and a little overwhelming. I'm not going to keep this blush. If you want it, please leave a message in the comments.

Her Own Devices is a very slightly shimmery beige. It looks quite pink in the pan, but it swatches almost nude. I'm going to love this for contouring. I don't have anything else like this in my collection.

Oh So Fair is a super pretty pale shimmery pink. It is pretty and sheer, but for me, I'm not blown away, and don't think that this product is super unique. I'm not sure I'll be keeping this.

Left to Right - Darkly My Dear, Her Own Devices, Oh So Fair

Next up - lip products!!!

I only ordered two lip products, but both are so good that it's a complete win. Wicked Ways is a gorgeous, cool, pink-toned red shimmery gloss. It's really fun to wear. It's quite simply deliciousness in a tube. 

L-R Wicked Ways, Innocence Beware, Sweet Joy

Innocence Beware is an amazing color. It's my perfect pinky nude. If it wasn't madly sold out, I'd want another one! It is a slightly warmer, pinker toned version of creme d'nude. It's perfect for wearing with knock-out smokey eyes. I'm in love. 

Normally I'm a real freak for eye shadows, but in this launch, I only got one - Sweet Joy. It's a shimmery, sheer gold. That sort of color is a must-have in anyone's collection. It has a gorgeous, soft, smooth feel, although it's quite sheer and I do feel I have to pack it on for it to show up against my skin tone. 

I was incredibly excited about a new product that MAC debuted in this collection - their magically cool powders. They are powders that are made from 70% water. Don't ask me to explain the science behind it, because quite clearly that is something that is well beyond me. I got the lighter shade, Truth & Light. It is a shimmery, highlighting "powder" with peachy tone. When you put it on, it really does feel magically cool and "wet", which then dries down to leave a gorgeous, subtly shimmery finish. This product is a lot of fun. Make sure you try this for yourself. 

My thoughts on this collection? Well, there are some truly fabulous products, and gorgeous, gorgeous colors to play with. The eye shadows to me felt either dupe-able or pantomime though. I love the multitude of matte blushes and beauty powders, since so often these have shimmer. The packaging is a real let down - the outside packaging using the illustrations is beautiful, but the actual packaging on the products is traditional and cheap looking, which is a real shame. However, I can see why products are selling like hot-cakes, and most things are already gone. 

I have 2 products that I'm not going to keep. Normally I just return them to MAC Online. However, since I know that there are products that people are dying to get their paws on, and it would be a shame for them to be thrown in the trash, please let me know if you are interested in swatched Oh So Fair and Darkly My Dear

What did you haul from this collection?


victoria said...

The colors look great but I personally wasn't WOWed by this collection. The only I might get are those gorgeous duochrome maleficent nail polishes. Otherwise, the packaging with the cartoons isn't my style. Glad you found products you love though!

Victoria Stanell

Associate Product Editor

grace said...
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