Sunday, 11 July 2010

Beauty Skills or Lack of Them ....

I am absolutely all about celebrating beauty in all forms, and making the most of who you are. Jolie Laide even means “unconventional beauty”. However, I’m also all about being honest, and today I’ve decided to write about the things that I find difficult in the world of making myself look amazing and gorgeous, or at least playing around with my look. I’m sure there are part of the beauty world which either freak you out, you try and just can’t do, or you just cannot get your head around.

1.       My eyebrows!!! Ohmigoodness my eyebrows. They are troublesome children for sure. Generally bushy and shapeless, and frequently taking on a life of their own. I do go and get my brows shaped reasonably regularly at Anastasia, and then they look good for an afternoon. But even the next day – right back to their (slightly less) furry caterpillar selves! I do a very average job of evening them out with Elf’s Brow Kit, but no one is ever going to heart my brows. I do not know why, I just cannot get take control of them!  I could go to Anastasia every 2 weeks to keep them closely in check, but I don’t want to dish $34 plus tips for that! Instead, I’ve just come to terms with my misbehaving brows!

Example of my bushy brows!!

2.       Sunless Tanner. You know what? I think every single girl has had numerous sunless tanner accidents. I am far too much of a scaredy cat to let it near my face (or at least, not without the guidance of a professional!), but try to do my legs once a week. Every so often the next morning I’ll catch a glimpse of the underside of my arm during yoga to see a random orange splodge. Or, like last week, when I was in a rush and did it straight after the shower and then my wet hair dripped onto my legs and now I have random lines down my tan. Or the almost inevitable orange smudges around my ankles and the tops of my thighs. Yep, whatever fake tan disaster exists out there, I’m pretty much sure to have encountered it. Right now I am using L’Oreal’s Instant Bronze Tint and Tanner, which, despite the above issues which are really all about me and less about the product, I’m a big fan of. Still, the perfect tan really is the holy grail, so if you can suggest something that is idiot proof, I’m all ears.

3.       Tightlining. Even the thought of it gives me heebie jeebies. It looks amazing. I wish I could do it. Every so often I try. Then my skin gets all itchy crawly and I have to stop and revert to my tight-lining lite approach of lining the very base of the lashes. Not as effective. But doesn’t make my skin crawl.

4.       False eyelashes. Okay, I’m not going to lie here. I haven’t even tried. But glue? Eyelashes? EEEEEEK!!!!! And then I worry about them coming unglued when I have had a few too many cocktails and people laughing at my because it looks like I have a spider crawling down my face. Paranoid much? 

5.       Contouring. I’ve never really done much research into this. Maybe I’ll put it on my summer “to do” list. Learn to contour and give my round little face cheekbones.

I guess there’s a real worry here that as I post this list of things I am completely mystified by, I end up losing my blogger credibility. I hope not. By publicizing that there are things I am not good at. Maybe this list will force me to learn, and I’ll share the ups and downs with my lovely, lovely readers. Apart from tightlining most likely. I probably won’t be able to get around that feeling!


PoorCollegeStudent said...

I def feel you on tightlining, esp since I wear contacts! And I've never used false lashes either!

Kimberly said...

I, too, am one of those that has hairy slashes as eyebrows. I'm so tempted at times to pluck them all out and draw them in with a dramatic, artful arch.

Tightlining never seems to work for me either. It lasts a minute then ends up a gunk (gross!!!) in my eye corner.


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