Sunday, 17 October 2010

Love and Toast Handcream is a Little Tube of Heaven

I usually try to post a review of everything new I try out on this blog. Reading product review, of both old and new things, is probably my favorite type of post, so I try and return the favor by posting my own. Sometimes though, I’ll realize that I have been happily working through a product without having posted a word about it on my blog. Case in point? My Love & Toast Handcream ($9).

Love & Toast are a relatively small lotions and perfume company that aims to do good as well as make you smell good. A portion of proceeds from each purchase goes to the Regional Affiliates of Girls Inc. They make perfume, hand cream, and lip balm. They are sold from a variety of retailers including Amazon and Urban Outfitters. I picked up my hand cream at a spa. (Haven in SoHo, for you NYCers).

I picked up the Sugar Grapefruit version. The other scents available are Pomme Poivre (Apple Pear), Honey Coconut, Gin Blossom, Mandarin Tea, and Paper Flower. Sugar Grapefruit comes in a gorgeous bright pink tube with pretty illustrations, so it will look cute wherever you keep it. It’s a lovely, reasonably rich cream that sinks in very quickly. It’s not a super rich cream, so those of you who have very, very dry hands may wish to keep that in mind. Love and Toast’s real selling point comes from its use of fragrance. I wish my blog had some sort of scent-o-vision, because I just cannot get over how good this cream smells. It has a beautiful, sweet but not cloying, crisp, fresh citrus smell that instantly wakes you up. Plus, the scent hangs around for about an hour after you’ve put it on.

For the sheer gorgeousness of the scent I more than highly recommend Love and Toast’s handcreams. I urge you to track them down immediately and start getting that amazing burst of energy that comes from smelling something really good. Plus, you can feel good about yourself as well as some of the proceeds go to charity. Fantastic.

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Pinch said...

Sounds like a very good hand cream! Can never get enough of those when it gets cooler outside :)


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