Monday, 19 April 2010

The Oops I Slept in Approach to Make Up

I woke up late this morning, and while I was running around frantically getting myself together for work, I thought to myself I should write a blog post about “the bare minimum that is, what do you throw on when you have slept through your alarm by an hour!

I should first say that this only really applies to workday makeup. I regularly go out without a scrap on my face on the weekend and it does not really bother me. In fact, as I write this, the only make up I have on is a bunch of swatches on my arm! However, I definitely have a face that I put on for work. Instead of going through my whole look today, Im going to talk about what I use to make sure Im presentable on just 4 minutes (maybe less!) in front of the mirror. In reviewing this post, it seems that my main goal is to use products that it is impossible to make a mistake with.
1.      Mascara. Not negotiable. Always wakes your eyes up. Right now I'm using Maybelline Colossal, which is okay but I don't love (flaking after a 8hrs)

2.      Instead of tinted brow gel, I use clear. Keeps my brows in place, but far more room for error and no chance of making a mistake with. 

3.      Concealer where you need it

4.      Tinted moisturizer as a quick base. 

5.      Benefit Posietint on the apples of your cheeks

6.      A very light dusting of ELF High Definition Powder

7.      Neutral, always suitable lipstick (for me its MAC Crème Cup at the moment for my default lip).
As you can see, in my eyes, full eyeshadow and gloss are skippable steps for me. Ive also focused on products that are virtually impossible to make a mistake with, so most are quite subtle, but enough to make me look a little bit less like I rolled straight from bed to office

What is your slept-in late routine? Any recommendations for uber products that will rock mine?

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